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Lulla Doll


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There is nothing quite like the exhaustion you will feel from the inevitable lack of sleep that occurs once your baby arrives. Lack of sleep on your baby's part is not only a newborn phase though, it can continue until your child is much older (naturally to be expected, too).

When I was pregnant with our second child, we wanted to get Mr almost 2 into a better sleep pattern to ensure we were able to care for two children. That was when the Lulla Doll came in for us. Our son started to sleep longer stretches of time with Lulla by his side, allowing us to get more sleep too which was just what this pregnant mama needed!

When our second child was born, we introduced Lulla Doll to her straight away. She has listened to and known the sound of Lulla since she was born and now that we are expecting our third, Lulla has helped us transition our daughter into her own room.

It's not only us though… thousands of Australian families swear by the benefits of the beautiful little Lulla Doll and sing her praises for helping preemies, newborns, babies, toddlers and children as old as 8 to get more sleep.

And trust me, when they get more sleep, that means mum dad and the rest of the family do, too!

Lulla plays 8 hours of continuous real life heartbeat and breathing. In fact, the heartbeat and breathing is that of  Icelandic mum of 3, Gudran, also a yoga guru!

Let the Lulla Doll help you, your baby and your family get that little bit more sleep!